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  1. Hi Ken, we met at The Next Wave in KL. My website was hosted in Jun by a friend and was locked due to non-usage. I was stuck with my payment gateway and have learned how to get PayPal last week. Our plan is to get a few products from my brother website and sell. But that fell through and again I’m stuck. Maybe I should sell some e-books. Pls advise.


    1. Cyber Storm
      Cyber Storm

      Hi Lynn.
      Great to hear from you 🙂

      This is quite a specific question relating to your situation.
      But I have a lot of time for you guys from The Next Wave.

      Please send an email to my personal address, and I will see if I can help you further.


  2. Alex

    Thanks for your offer to give questions.

    I have a good product to sell and it is usually well received on offline level (http://playbyear.com.my/PBEVideoEbook.htm) but I have difficulty getting conversion via the web level. I guess there are many other people offering similar products.

    What can I do to do better?


    1. Cyber Storm
      Cyber Storm

      Hi Alex.

      There are many things you can do to make your conversions better.

      But first, are you tracking the visitor’s GeoLocation?
      If your Target Audience is located within your local area, there is no point working out the conversion rate against the rest of the world.

      I would also recommend implementing Split Testing and compare which version of your sales copy converts better.

      You may also like to create an intro video for your product and place it at the top of your page. I see that you have a long sales letter, but remember, not everyone wishes to read.

      And I would place a few more “Call to Action” and “Buy Now” Buttons in between your sales letters.

      Hope those help.


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