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Graphics for Website

Studio Katana make graphics for your website!

Prefect for your Campaigns, Specials, Testimonials.


Whilst a Logo is not “The Deciding Factor” when Prospects make Decisions to Purchase Your Product &/or Service, it certainly adds Credibility to Your Business.

If a Customer was given a Choice between a Company which Presents well, and one which does not care for their Presentation, given that all other Factors are equal Majority of the Customers will choose the Company with Great Presentation.

Why? Because it Conveys the Company’s Attention to Details, Care for their Creations and The Effort they put into their Business.

Your Logo should Represent Your Business and what it stands for including Vision, Mission, Value, Idealism, Strategy, USP and/or Benefit to the Customers.

Naturally, when You ask for Your Logo to be Designed, You want Designers who truly understands the Message Your Business aims to Communicate, and have Skills and Artistic Flare to turn Your Message into a Visual Master Piece.

Wow! Are You thinking “Where can I find Designers like that?”Right Here, In Studio Katana of course!

Custom Website Header

Need a bit of “Personal Touch” on Your Website, but have a Very Tight Budget?

Why not Simply Customize the Header of Your Site?

The Header is the 1st Place Visitors to Your Site will view.
As an average Cyber-surfers leave a site within the first 4seconds, Getting Your Header is Critical to Your Online Success.

A Custom Website Header with Studio Katana… Get it Right, Now!